Fresh Pressed Cider

Our delicious cider is pressed with apples grown right here in our orchard!

Fresh Pressed Cider in Benson, VT

We pride ourselves in having the most flavorful fresh apple cider around. Rick hand-picks the apple varieties and blends them together to make a full-bodied flavor that is both sweet and tart. Each pressing is different as it depends on the varieties that are ripe at the time.

No sugar or preservatives are added. Cobble Knoll Orchard Apple Cider is available at our farmstand in half gallons and gallons. Larger quantities are available by request.

Visit us at 1672 East Road in Benson, Vermont! Our cider is available from September 3 through October 30, 2022.

Did you know that cider can be frozen for up to one year? Stock up now while it’s in season!

New this Year: Hard Cider at the Farm Store

Cobble Knoll Orchard now carries Hard Cider made with the help of our very own apples! Hard Ciders from Wildbranch Cider and Eden Ciders can now be found in our farm stand. Learn a bit more about the cider makers below.

Wildbranch Cider<br />
Wildbranch Cider apples are fresh pressed at their farm in Craftsbury, Vermont, and then slowly fermented, often leveraging only the naturally occurring resident yeast and bacteria present on the apple skins.They never filter, or add stabilizers, fining agents or sulfites. Wildbranch Cider is bottle conditioned and will continue to evolve gracefully for months or years to come.
Eden Specialty Ciders

Eden Ciders is passionate about the quality of flavor that comes from unique apple varieties grown by local, small-scale orchards in Vermont. They produce a wide range of ciders, from driest to sweetest, with different methods of production, using single varieties and blends. Consistent through everything that they do is a commitment to supporting small-scale family orchards, to the use of holistic and regenerative orcharding practices, and to rare tannic and heirloom apple varieties grown expressly for cider making.

Want to learn how to make hard cider?