Information for Hard Cider Makers

If you want to make good cider, you gotta start with good apples.

What is Hard Cider?

First of all, what is cider? In the USA and Canada, ‘cider’ is used to describe a cloudy but unfermented apple juice, often found at an orchard stand or farmer’s market. The term ‘hard cider’ is used to denote that this cider has been fermented and now contains alcohol.

Hard cider is best made with a blend of different apples. Depending on the style of cider you are trying to make, you will want apples that might be high in tannins, acidity or sugar. You can make your own hard cider with our fresh pressed farmstand apple cider. Or you may pre-order a blend of varieties to get the correct balance for your fermentation experimentation. Please contact us for information on purchasing large quantities of cider apple blends. We will be happy to fill your carboys at the orchard with advance notice.

For the home cider-maker we have cider varieties such as Dabinette, Ellis Bitter and Franklin Cider Apples